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Once in a Blue Moon

A very special series steeped with intention for this Blue Moon October 31st, 2020

The Blue Moon on Halloween is truly special: aligning with lore, mythology, traditions and astrology.

Blue moons - that beautiful second full moon of a calendar month - occurs every two of three years.

We won’t enjoy another blue moon until it it hits the skies on Aug. 30, 2023.

Full moons on Halloween are even rarer. They only happen every 18 or 19 years, so we won’t see a Halloween Blue moon until 2037.

For me and my artwork, this blue moon represents a luminous opportunity to create awareness and an intention around creativity and communication. The symbolic blue energy represents our Throat Chakra - our ability to speak our truth. I am using this rare blue moonlit occasion to be open to my highest truth and communicate it with love and honour.

Hello Blue Moon Series!

Intention: Share your heart and creative self. Don’t shy away from what you can really be - give it your true voice and express yourself like the majestic being you are!

Our crystal prescription these pieces includes these beautiful blue treasures:

Lapis Lazuli: This beauty deep blue stone, adored and revered for millennia for healing, rarity and color is your friend in the self assurance and motivation business. It helps guide and keep on our authentic and unique path and purpose.

Sodalite: Find your voice and express yourself. This rich blue stone, known as the “poet’s stone” puts you in such with your true self, your words and creativity. It inspires us to communicate as our most authentic selves. Be bold, be true and be free.


Harness that big beautiful full moon energy with silver! Silver is known as the metal of emotions, casting its cool light of loving and healing around us all. The calm attitude that surrounds silver is patient, gentle and supportive. This metal retains and amplifies the qualities emitted by sodalite and lapis lazuli - that needed reassurance we need in this intention. And just as the moon reflects the light off the sun, so does silver reflect negativity from you.

Enjoy these beautiful blue and silver pieces, and use them to focus into expressing your own unique special voice!

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