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How to eat an elephant?

Creating bigger artworks - like really big work - was like eating an elephant.

Did. It. One. Bite. At. A. Time.

This month has been a month of EXPANSION - in my personal practice, aura, knowledge of gemstones, crystals and minerals, techniques and so, so much more.

In fact I have taken the concept of "EXPANSION" to heart so literally that I feel like I have almost fried my emotional and mental motherboard.

But isn't that edge where we find out truth and our courage?

So I looked at risk, threw my doubts on my shoulders and said to them, come for a ride... it will be fun.

For the "BIG OL' BODYGUARD" Series, I chose to work with protection and courage stones to make the first foray into this expansive new ecosystem.


Black Tourmaline: to release worry, anxiety and open a grounded path for my Light to pour in

Bronzite: for protection and to restore the self-confidence and harmony where I feel powerless and overwhelmed ( a bit dramatic, but hey, artist you know)

Hematite: for grounding and making the spiritual, physical

Tiger's Eye: for balance between extremes, courage, strength and direction

“Look up to the night sky and be guided by the stars above. All will be well. Inhale loving protection and exhale self-defeating thoughts."

The results are remarkable, dynamic and I can't wait to dive into the deep end and more large scale work.

I DID have to overcome my own doubts and uncertainty without question. But such VICTORY! Now I know what to do and more importantly what NOT to do and where to be more brave.

I won't bore you with the finish issues or the like! Just enjoy this big ol'boss, "THE BODYGUARD"

Take a look at the video and watch for more on my expanded state soon.

What do you think? Let's hear it!

Love and light... xo

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