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"Inspire and Uplift"... a Holiday wish for us all.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Well aren't these the times?

This Holiday is looking very different for Dan and me - we are apart from family in Vancouver, Texas and even locally. It does weigh on my heart, and I know we are not the only ones staring down the barrel of a very "intimate" Christmas (read: just the two us us and the playbook tossed out the window for a number of traditions).

Instead of stalling out in these heavy emotions, I have chosen to focus on actions which help connect us with our community.

This Holiday season, we are sharing love and light with a very special series of original art cards. Our personal Holiday art card is cut from one large piece painted using real gemstone and crystal pigments. Each card is unique and individual, and will always be connected to a greater whole. It is lovely and fitting analogy - apart yet connected as a whole and though separated physically, held in our hearts and thoughts with love. We are even asking our more socially savvy friends to tag and post, connecting to see other parts of the painting!

The “Inspire and Uplift” Christmas 2020 Intention and wish includes:

Rhodonite: for loving kindness to each other and ourselves

Turquoise: to support our physical, emotional and spiritual health

Bloodstone: encourages us to keep slogging through these times

Hematite: keeps us safe, grounded and shielded from negativity

Affirmation: Be strong, be positive. Be the light and love for all around you.

Know you are a special part of our life and community.

Each original gemstone artwork can be framed, and we sent out specially selected frames and the gemstones that I painted with to sit in the frame, or use in any way. The art can be placed or hung where a little extra support might be needed - bedside, workspace, etc.

Thinking of a transformative and connecting gift?

Consider a series of personalized intention original art cards, for anytime of year or season.

A commission series start at just $10.00 a card. We co-create a perfect, intention and crystals to support your wish. Add onto the the card order with the real gemstone tumbles used in the work, and/or frames to create a complete gift.

Keep the good vibes radiating throughout the new year, and share your love and light with those around you. xoK

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