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Looking for inspiration?

Need to do some manifesting?

...Or just love crystals?

Create your own pwrsonalized crystal artworks that will energize your heart and home. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget!

The most personal experience, event or unique reset creative offering for you and your friends! 


Classes run  2- 3 hours, including  time to reflect and share.

- crystals chosen to align with your intentions.

- designed to bring out the creative spirit in us all.

- a fully guided experience - no experience needed! 

-  create a unique intention-based pieces 

-  fun, accessible, and uplifting!


Includes all painting materials and instruction

$100.00 - $125.00 per person based on size of your group.

What you are saying...

My experience with Karyn was very enlightening. I had never worked with such a unique medium. Beautiful pigments and water combination. She guided me to use my inner direction and let the energy flow out. It was more than art instruction. Karyn helped me connect to the whole experience, from picking my paint and why I was drawn to them to tapping into my abilities. A great teacher. Mel Frommer - Turks and Caicos

Being an artist myself, I was curious to attend Karyn's workshop.  My mind was open and to that I learned the magic of painting with gems and crystals.  Karyn walked us through the properties of all the gems, the element from which they came and the harmonious paths the minerals can provide divine power. After selecting various gems from a colorful board (made by Karyn) she walked us through the inner meanings of each one.  Karyn is a walking encyclopedia and describes the healing properties of stones in such a way that feels ever so personal.  That was just the beginning, the real thrill started when she instructed the class how to paint with water and the gem paint.  With each brush stroke she carefully encouraged us to watch the movement and slowly add more and more to the evolution of our creations, or she simply encouraged us to leave well enough alone.  Through her teachings we learned techniques that were inspiring.  Some of the individuals in the class had never painted before and with Karyn's gentle instruction everyone was pleased with their masterpieces.  Not only did we leave with 9 beautiful pieces of art but we left with the same kind of feeling you get when you finish with a meditation or listening to singing bowls. Karyn's workshop will be on the list for every visitor I have from out of town.  It is one of the most unique workshops that I have ever attended and her knowledge and instruction is unmatched.     Amy Lanterman - Tucson Arizona

I recently stayed at Alma Azul with Karyn Holyk on a retreat and a small group of us were treated to an art class during our stay. Firstly, I have to say that Karyn's artistic skills are on display throughout her beautiful home - not only through the art on the walls, but the decor and overall flavour of the house. Karyn's art studio is indeed a sanctuary of calm, peace, and most importantly, magic. For here, in the studio, you can genuinely feel her creativity and passion. The class was about 2.5 hours, and all the materials were provided, beautifully staged and packaged for each individual student. Karyn set the scene and provided some context on what we were going to be doing, how we were going to be doing it, and what we would experience during the class. Karyn's distinct and unique style focuses on painting with crystals - asking each of us to select 2-3 examples that spoke to us. She then talked through each of the crystals that we had chosen and the sentiments for each. It was truly uncanny (and quite emotive) how the crystals I had chosen were so in tune with my current life journey! Karyn clearly explained each of the tools and techniques we'd be using, and gave demonstrations on how they worked, and how each technique would impact the paint we used. She then urged us to give it a go, and begin to practice what we'd learnt. Over the next hour or so, we tried out the different methods and each of us began to create some beautiful and powerful pieces, all the while feeling encouraged and supported by Karyn along the way. The whole experience was incredible, and I left with 7 stunning pieces of art (once dried, she applied fixer and cropped them) that I can (and will) frame and hang on my walls at home. I am the least "artistic" person I know, but feel genuinely proud of what I was able to create using the techniques Karyn taught me during the class, and leaning on her skill and expertise along the way. I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity - thank you Karyn!!! Kerris Hougardy, North Vancouver, Canada

Contact me to arrange a class time or event! 

I'll respond as soon as possible!

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