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Self Care for the Creative Self

It has been an ongoing exploration of mind to find balance, discipline and nourishment for my creativity side. The Big AH-HA moment hit me earlier this year, through discovering and devoting real time and space to the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It has been a gateway into deeper explorations of many of the open ended parts of my journey and life path. As we all are, I am sorely a work in progress, but do know one thing: show up for yourself. Every day.

My Daily Eight

Show Up? Everyday. What that means to me is a hard (re)set on setting my best myself up for my work, and in all aspects of my life and community.

CLEANSE AND REFRESH: For some this is insane and I thought so too, but now I evangelically sing the praises of a cold shower as the very first action of the day. Cold therapy is well regarded and researched as to calm the nervous system and promote better metabolic and glandular health. For me it is sense of immediate victory and direct shot of rejuvenating energy and reminder that I am truly alive and ready to drink in the day.

ABUNDANCE THROUGH GRATITUDE: Three things I'm grateful for ... in writing. Abundance is a mindset, and practicing gratitude shifts us into that frame of mind.

CONNECT THE WHOLE SYSTEM : Inhale, exhale. Repeat. In different patterns, and with different techniques. Breath work connects the whole system, mind, body and spirit and connecting mindfully with it, we harness a huge engine for change. Breath is life and the song of the soul.

IGNITE CREATIVITY AND CLARITY: I diffuse essential oils in the studio. The small ritual of choosing an oil or a blend sparks up the energy of my workplace and holds space for creativity.

HEAL FROM WITHIN: Meditate! For me this takes the active practice of Kundalini yoga. What I know is that through, meditation, breath and movement, we can tap into our body's innate healing capacities. There is so much we can alter within ourselves by the action and non-action of meditation.

CREATE MOMENTUM: Move. Every. Day. Exercise creates heat, momentum and forges transformation in all aspects of my life and work. I am inspired right now with actions that have grace, control and precision about them... perhaps this has a direct relationship to the FLOW SERIES.

WRITE THE SCRIPT: Call it Manifestation, but I call it writing a script for the day. This means setting a plan, goals and intentions. Staying on a course that is set by me creates victories and completions.. and tht to me is the high art of Manifestation.

GET INTO NATURE TO NUTURE: Mom was right... fresh air, sunshine, rain, whatever Mother Nature is dishing up for the day is truly the most important connection we can make.

So there is is.

Am I perfect at this?


But I do this with honesty and understanding that it might look and feel different daily. I try and accept and meet myself where I am at and do it. every. day.

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